Congratulations to Warren Davis, winner of the inaugural Gnoo Blas^t in 2014!

PHOTOS - Here are the trophies for 2014 with a description of each one.

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The Bill Pitt Trophy

The Bill Pitt Trophy  has a uniquely mounted model of Billís #6 Jaguar XK 120 which won Australiaís first 24 hour race at Mt Druitt in 1954.

Billís Buckle Trophy

Billís Buckle Trophy is a silhouette of the Buckle Coupe #29 driven by Jack Brabham at Orange in January 1959.

Volkers To The Max Trophy

The Volkers To The Max Trophy is a model of Max Volkersí Holden Monaro GTS carrying Maxís favourite number #27 with a model of the Lakeside motor racing circuit on its base.

Schofields Sweep Trophy

As Jaguars were prominent and successful competitors at Schofields in the 1950ís, this trophy displays the winning Jaguar XJR9  at the 1988 Daytona 24 hours.

 Falcon Er "30" Trophy

Glen Setonís Ford Tickford Racing Falcon salutes Falconís racing success born in Falconerís #30 Falcon.

Rosewood Heit Trophy

This trophy has an outstanding Brumm model of a Bugatti Type 57.  Although a Bugatti probably never competed at Rosewood it is a racer representative of the same period of the 1930ís.

Middle Ridge Run Trophy

The Trophy for the Middle Ridge Run is a beautifully framed pencil sketch of Tony Basileís Porsche 356 Carrera at the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers at Middle Ridge on 17th September, 1960.

Catalina Chase Trophy

The Catalina Chase Trophy is a mounted model of an Audi R8 V10.

Lowood T.T. Trophy

The Lowood T.T. Trophy is a polished metal model of a Porsche 906 sports racing car with a sculpture of the Lowood circuit attached to the base.

Belfís Druitt Trophy

Leo Geogheganís FX Holden which won the 1956 NSW Sedan Car Championship at Mt Druitt takes centre place on the trophy.

Carrara Ferry Rode Trophy

Dick Johnsonís FJ Holden is a fitting historical tribute to the spirit of the grand prix circuit at Southport in 1954

Fairmont  "41" Trophy

 Norm Beecheyís 1965 ATCC championship winning Ford Mustang V8 was the inspiration for Ford Australia to produce a local V8 touring car initially in the Ford Fairmont.

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