WINNER of the 2017 KADITCHA KUPP is Chris Fing.

The Kaditcha Kupp is a sports racing car series over 3 rounds for 4 cylinder sports cars.

The calendar of events for 2017 is:
R1 25 June Carrara Ferry Rode LP Winner - Dave Barram Chiron
R2 2 Sept Middle Ridge Run QR Winner - Chris Purvis Stohr
R3 18 Nov Rosewood Heit LP Winner -
Carmelo Bonaventura


Chris Fing - Winner Kaditcha Kupp, 2017


Round 1 - Carrara Ferry Rode

Carrrara Ferry Rode

The Carrara Ferry Rode trophy displays a scale model of a Centaur Clubman steering wheel bulkhead.

The 1954 Australian Grand Prix was held on a  9.2 km public road circuit on the southern outskirts of  Southport on Queensland’s Gold Coast. The very long northern straight was the road running south from Southport via Meyer’s Ferry over the Nerang River to the district (now suburb) of Carrara. This road was known variously by the locals as Meyers Ferry Road, Carrara Ferry Road or simply Ferry Road. Today the section of this northern straight is gazetted as Ferry Road from Southport to the Chevron Island bridge at the Southport Golf Club and Bundall Road from the golf club to the Nerang River. In 1954 where Ferry Road becomes Bundall Road there was a “no passing” section due to a bend (Dunlop Bend) at a  creek with a single lane bridge. Hence  the origin of Carrara Ferry Rode.


Round 2 - Middle Ridge Run


Between 1958 and 1961, road races were held on public roads at Middle Ridge, a suburb of Toowoomba. The almost rectangular course of approximately 4.2 kms attracted many top name interstate drivers for the annual race meeting which coincided with the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers. Despite valiant efforts, the race failed to become an iconic event as happened with other road races in rural regions of Australia, but maintains its importance in Queensland motor racing history.

Header photo:
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Kaditcha Kupp Top 10 Point Scores after 3 Rounds:   
Name Points
Chris Fing 25
Carmelo Bonaventura 19
Chris Purvis 19
Dave Barram 17
Peter Hill 15
Stuart Patterson 12
Keven Johnston 11
Brian Pettit 7
David Rodgie 6
Richard Mattea 6


Kaditcha Kupp Winner's Trophy, 2017


Round 3 - Rosewood Heit

Carmelo Bonaventura -  Winner Round 3 - Rosewood Heit


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