WINNER of the CATALINA CHASE 2016 is Hunter McElrea.

The Catalina Chase is a series for open-wheeler racing cars over 6 rounds in 2016. Catalina Park at Katoomba in the Blue Mountains was a very popular circuit in the 1960’s. Elfin’s first open-wheeler was named the Elfin Catalina.

2 Mar.  Birrana Gprix MP Winner - Cameron Shields Dallara F304
30 April Cooper Caper QR Winner - Mitch Maddren Van Diemen
1 May Bowin Gprix QR Winner - Hunter McElrea Van Diemen
28 May Tempo Wiggle MP Winner - Luke Brown Condor
3 Sept. Elfin E’preuve MP Winner - Blake Varney

Dallara  F3

19 Nov. Matich A’fifty MP Winner - Jason Hore Dallara  F3

2016  Winner of Catalina Chase - Hunter McElrea

Jason Hore winner of Matich A’fifty

Blake Varney winner of the Elfin E’preuve

Hunter McElrea winner of the Bowin Gprix


Catalina Chase Winners Trophy

 Catalina Chase -  Top 10  Points Scores after 6 Rounds:
Name Points
Hunter McElrea 45
Mitch Maddren 40
Thomas Corbett 27
Harrison Jones 26
Jon English 24
Tony Chapman 23
Blake Varney 20
James Corbett 20
Luke Brown 18
Chris Purvis 18


Round 1 - Birrana Gprix

Birrana racing cars were Australian designed and constructed open-wheel racing cars which competed in Australian F2, F3 and Formula Ford categories with great success. Leo Geoghegan won the 1973 Australian F2 championship driving a Birrana 273 and the 1974 Australian F2 Championship driving a Birrana 274.  Birrana cars competed internationally in Formula Atlantic in the U.K. and the Rothmans Series in Malaysia.

Round 2 - Cooper Caper

Cooper is a name synonymous with Australian motor racing. Jack Brabham immortalised the name by winning the 1959 and 1960 World Drivers Championship driving Cooper-Climaxes.  Garrie Cooper was the founder of Elfin Sports Cars, Australia’s most successful and prolific builder of racing and sports racing cars. Elfin racing cars have been successful in every national motor racing category. Internationally success has been achieved in Tasman Cup races, European and Asian races and victories in the New Zealand G.P. and Singapore G.P.

Round 3 - Bowin Gprix

Round 4 - Tempo Wiggle

A challenging corner/section of the Toowoomba street circuit at Middle Ridge  (1958-61).

Round 5 - Elfin E’preuve


Round 6 - Matich Gprix

Apart from two Ford specials in 1950 &51, Matich cars have been the only Australian designed and constructed cars to win the Australian G.P. with Frank Matich winning in 1971 driving  a Matich A50-Repco Holden V8 and John Goss winning in 1976 driving a Matich A53-Repco Holden V8.


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